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no other fish in the sea: #45 - suzanne vega anyway (january 1998) [page 1]

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ah! the fall of 1997, i remember you now. blah. no wonder i was so depressed in all of these comics.

barely over my own Hope . . . oh, who am i kidding, i wasn't over her at all . . . i fell for another girl. she had a studio at the art institute and i visited there a couple of times. this did not go well, i am afraid, and the last i heard she was teaching english in thailand.

we shall see her, eventually, as i keep posting and posting and posting . . . but this is what her studio looked like.

and wanting someone in it . . . but not her just then . . . i put in turkey (peregrine honig's ferret) and dylan (jesse small's dog). if i remember right, i was listening to a lot of suzanne vega at the time.

this is a very 'modern' looking sparrow's fall. even as my publishing schedule was growing more erratic, and as evidently my interest in the weekly aimless strip format was flagging, the quality of the art kept improving. despite the fact that this is still pretty 'rough', the layout isn't bad, the wash is almost acceptable, and the drawing makes visual sense to me. i still dostains and marks on the walls in the same way . . . and that drawing turkey is working on impresses me even now.

and a reminder--turkey isn't dead, he's just a flying ferret with a halo.
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